QWho are we?

Funeral Services Afrique Internationale Assistance was born from the discord of two main partners of the Envol undertakers in 2011. Franco Mayiza, who is the initiator of the Funeral Service Afrique Internationale Assistance, firstly worked under the name of Envol Plus before to change the undertaker's name to the current name.

Since its creation in 2011, Afrique Internationale Assistance (AIA) continues to make great strides to better serve bereaved families.

Afrique Internationale Assistance Funeral Directors have sent some of their employees abroad to improve their skills in the funeral arts. With our experienced team, we organize body repatriations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo and the Central Africa Republic.

Repatriation Service

When a loved person dies abroad, family and friends remain in disarray. They do not know what to do. Our experienced repatriation services will take care of everything by starting first to replace the family.

We make every effort to make your task easier by taking care of all the administrative and logistical formalities. Also ensure that the deceased takes proper care before repatriation.

Our areas of activity are the DRC, the Congo and the Central African Republic. We have representations in several provinces of the DRC. In the areas where we do not have representation, we will arrange that our team to be in site within 24 hours after the confirmation of the repatriation contract.

Coffin's sale and other services

We offer a varied range of casket models. In our Showroom, a variety of local and imported coffins are available for our customers with accessible prices for everybody. Chapels and tents are available for any events.

With the help of our decorators, the place of the exhibition will be transformed according to your will. We also provide hearses, flowers and monuments.


Repatriation of corpses & Sale of coffins

To contact us

Our offices are located on the avenue Dalhias n° 599, Residential District in the municipality of Limete.

+243818103610 or +243906934091